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Image caption: Matija Bajtal started working with The Fluffy Jackets on their 3rd full lenght album (2024).

Matija Bajtal, drummer

Professional drummer and percussionist Matija Bajtal received his first drum kit at around the age of 11 and has had a passion for music ever since. From an early age he showed his masttery of the drum kit and subsequently got his formal music education from the Music Production school Zagreb, Croatia.

During his adodolecent years, he was watching and listening to other drummers from all genres spanning from alternative rock, fusion & country. Residing in his hometown of Vinkovci, eastern Croatia, Bajtal plays regularly at local venues & festivals and picks up a variety of gigs along the way. He learned his trade playing for the local music school and still regularly plays drums in in many projects and local events (he has previously worked with the Croatian band called "Aurelius" + look out for the fantastically named New band (as of 2024) called: “Ivan Šebalj and The Bechars”.

When we asked him about his preference in styles, he commented that he is greatly inspired by classic rock bands. However, at the same time, he is mindful to develop his own style and versatility as a true original drummer. His prime role models are Simon Philips (Toto) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and he is a collecter of different drum kits, to be able to perform a varied range of different music styles.

There are many factors that has makes Bajtal's an exceptional drummer, but there is little doubt that his passion for music is at the core of his being. At the young age of 24, he already has signed several recording contracts in his home-country and already operates his own recording studio. He enjoys recording and making a living from playing drums every day.

The Fluffy Jackets really struck gold when they crossed paths with Matija Bajtal, which is thanks to a fortuitous encounter with an exceptional taxi driver (thank you, Tihomir!). We are so blessed to be working together with Matija, who thrives on the challenge of "playing what's right for the song."

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