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Matt Bradford plays Fuzz Slide on The Fluffy Jackets' album "The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter" (2024)
Image caption: Matt Bradford plays Fuzz-Slide guitar on the tracks "The Well Is Dry" and "I Think Too Much" on The Fluffy Jackets' album "The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter" (2024). Click the image for higher resolution.

Matt Bradford, slide guitarist

Matt Bradford is undeniably recognized as one of the premier slide guitarists on the music scene today, celebrated not only for his exceptional skill but also for his unmatched mastery of electrifying Fuzz tones. The accolades extend beyond mere acknowledgment. If you need convincing, look no further than the endorsement from Taylor Bryant (from Taylor Bryant & The Shakedown): "I was thrilled and inspired to stumble across Matt's playing online. He's soulful, inventive, and always seems to be having fun while sounding great".

We count ourselves among Matt's fans.

Not only that, but to have him perform on - not one - but two songs on The Fluffy Jackets' 2024 album "The Rise And Fall Of The Songwriter" is an immense privilege. Matt's performances on The Fluffy Jackets' songs "I Think Too Much" and "The Well Is Dry" left our jaws on the floor. He adds an unparalleled depth to our music.

Sit back, have a zip of whiskey and listen to the sheer brilliance of Matt Bradford's fuzz-infused slide guitar. That is an order.

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